About Me

I am a freelance graphic designer based in Grantham, Lincs, with a BA(hons) in Graphic Design and a BTEC ND also in Graphic Design.


I specialise in corporate branding, including logo design, websites, business stationery – business cards, letterhead design, comp slips etc as well as poster and leaflet design.


If you are after  branding/ website for a new business venture, leaflets/posters for an established business or even unique and quirky party/wedding invitations, please have a browse through my online portfolio and drop me a line for a competitive quote.


Michele’s life story… (why I decided to be a designer)

‘She was such a good little girl, always sat with her pens and paper, no trouble at all’… is how young Michele is described by elderly family members, I did love colouring and drawing!

Nothing much changed as I spent my angst filled teenage years holed up in my room drawing endless pictures of Kurt Cobain, beer bottles and album covers whilst listening to Grunge and refusing to wash my hair/clothes. I unleashed my creativity on my surroundings by creating the most amazing and beautiful bedroom, often referred to as ‘the dump’ or ‘the complete and utter tip’ by the parents and siblings (I obviously get my arty gene from further up the family tree)







Naturally you would think I would go on from school to study art, however there was one other passion in my life back then and that was the wonderful world of horticulture and the environment (15 years on and my brother still calls me ‘Greenpeace’ or ‘the f***ing tree hugger’… he is not a pleasant man) So anyway, for reasons that I still cannot comprehend I decided to go to Lincoln’s Riseholme College and pursue a diploma in horticulture and conservation… it wasn’t the greatest career move but we did have a huge amount of fun.

I then spent the next 5 years working in a Spar shop, several months after as a gardener for a disabled man and then went on to work in a garden centre for a year or so, in that space of time I also produced two wonderful children…

wonderful child 1

wonderful child 2









It was during maternity leave after wonderful child number 2 that I realised how bored I was and serious changes were needed, it was also around this time that I found out what graphic design actually was (my brother had convinced me years ago that it was technical drawing of cars and stuff… I told you he wasn’t pleasant) and in a moment of clarity I knew what I was born to do! I enrolled at the local college and spent the next 2 years working towards a BTEC National Diploma in graphic design in which I achieved a triple distinction. Next step was another 3 years at Nottingham Trent university where I recently graduated with a BA(hons) in graphic design.

Those 5 years have been a complete roller coaster ride, on the one hand I have been happy to have an outlet for my creativity on the other trying to do a degree with a house to run, 2 children running around and 60 mile round trips to uni, well at times it seemed impossible and thoughts turned to quitting, but through sheer determination (and perhaps a hint of stubbornness) I did it! And if I can get though that, in my opinion I can get through anything.

If none of this encourages you to give me work, then please also bear in mind that I also make yummy cakes!