About Me

I have always been creative, whiling away my childhood; drawing, colouring and trying to make things that I’d seen on Blue Peter. My teenage years of angst were spent listening to grunge and drawing pictures of Kurt Cobain and beer bottles.

For a reason I do not recall I went on to study horticulture at Riseholme college, we had a great time but it didn’t set me up with any career opportunities. I left college and went on to become a teenage mum. Working various retail jobs, it was after I had my second baby at 25 that I heard my calling in life. I was going to be a graphic designer.

So that was that. Off I went to Grantham College, got on the Graphic Design National Diploma course, left 2 years later with a triple distinction. Then onto Nottingham Trent uni, leaving after 3 years with a BA honours in Graphic Design.

But then what? Apply for some jobs? Right after I complete this branding job for a friend… but I never got round to applying for any jobs because that friend recommended me to another friend, who recommended me to another… and before I knew it I was a freelance graphic designer!

I worked freelance for the next 6 years, creating websites, beautiful branding, endless leaflets and business cards, illustrations, you name it.

Locally I have created the brand identity for The Trickling Tap, The Tap and Tonic, Market View Restaurant. The websites for Living Health, Westgate Gallery and I co-run the very popular news site Grantham Matters.

Much of my work has been further afield and I’ve been lucky to design for the British Medical Association, Sticky Content – A Press Association Company, Henry Patterson, Britain’s youngest entrepreneur and his company Not Before Tea.

From 2012 to October 2018 I was responsible for all of Rocket Print and Promotions design work. This involved all In-house work, from web design and maintenance to marketing materials as well as design work for their clients. Rocket Print and Promotions is an exhibition contractors who build and take care of clients exhibition stands.

My responsibilities in this area involved designing exhibition stands, creating 3D colour rendered images, drawing up the necessary technical plans and build plans to give to the joinery department, creating the artwork for print or checking artwork that has been sent by clients for any issues that may occur, liaising and meeting with clients and ultimately making them very happy!

Through Rocket I have designed for a huge number of clients; Omron Healthcare, PDSA, Belvoir Fruit Farms, Melia Hotels, Metro Drinks, Bizerba, Multivac, Attends and Creative Products are just a few.

In October 2018 I left the exhibition world to focus on my passion which is branding, I set up Primrose and Bee which is where I am now!