Invitation Design

About my most favourite thing in the world is designing party invites! There are many dull and boring invitations available in the shops, I like to create something a little different, quirky and original invitations that the recipients will want to put on show (therefore remembering the event!)

An invitation for a friend of a friend’s 40s/50s/60s fancy dress party












My son wanted a Lego Star Wars party for his 6th birthday (because he is a bit of a geek) he himself browsed through hundreds of different designs on google images and thus also decided he wanted it to be a party pass…

lego star wars birthday party invitation invite design

lego star wars party invitation invite design






























These were the invitations for my own wedding which had a bit of a fifties theme… polka dots, gingham, checkered dance floor, big swirly circle skirts and lots and lots of bunting! As we were also having a surprise ice cream van I gave a hint of this in the invites by designing them in the style of a fifties ice cream parlour menu and including a bag of ice cream sweeties and sending them off in candy striped sweet bags (…and using stamps with a photo of the husband and I… I may have gone a little ott with them, especially since they ended up costing more than my dress!)

retro 1950 ice cream wedding party invitation design




































children's birthday character lego star wars party invitation invite design